Holiday Sidewinder

Is 𝒜 𝐻𝑜𝓉 𝑀𝑒𝓈𝓈 and wants to tell you all about it. The love child of a set builder and a teen actress, born on the summer solstice, Holiday Sidewinder is writing her memoirs in a messy way, covering over a decade of touring, romance, decadence, depravity and obtuse thinking. Time is a construct and this will be reflected here. Subscribe to receive every new piece of the puzzle, a bi-weekly or so rambling on life in the crazy lane, in a newsletter direct to your inbox, with full access to the website.

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A Hot Mess by Holiday Sidewinder: A serial monthly instalment of Holiday Sidewinder’s memoirs from her forthcoming debut book ‘A Hot Mess’.

Memoir Mondays Ft Special Guests: what began as a weekly session with girlfriends over flaming margaritas and laptops in a dark and dingy Mexican restaurant from midday. Holiday Sidewinder brings this exercise in the unreliability of memories and commonalities of the human story to the cold light of day. Holiday Sidewinder invites special guests (including musicians, artists, actors and madmen) to write about a random memory (that she will contribute a sister memory to, that touches upon similar themes) or a specific memory that they shared and recount individually to compare notes.

The Last Resort Advice Column: all the answers you’re looking for in all the wrong places, from the last person you should ask. For the desperate and disillusioned. Email your quandaries to

Mixtape Madness: A collection of songs that are floating my boat.

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Memoirs, Music & Chaos in the somewhat colorful life of artist Holiday Sidewinder, the antiheroine of her own story.


Holiday Sidewinder

Holiday Sidewinder is a freewheelin', poptastic word-lover, and a rolling stone. Covering sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (and everything in between). Travel writer, lyricist and memoirist.